From the minds behind "Free CD Friday" comes the accurately titled "Free EP Friday"

Normally we tie these EPs to event entry, or a specific EP to a specific time, but as we have roughly the same collated stock of EPs 2 & 4 we thought we'd give *you* the choice! This is limited to one, per EP only order, so choose wisely! As we have slightly more of EP2 than of 3 and 4, we will default to that (and only that) if multiples are contained in a single order. If you place a sizeable "normal" order, and accidently added some or all of these EPs we'd almost certainly pack them as listed due to wavering attention spans and reduced blood flow to the brain whilst sat on the floor packing orders.

Tracklists are available to view at Discogs:
EP2 (2012)
EP4 - (2013)


HULTDCD005 Hardcore Underground EP Vol 2 Add to Basket — £0.00
HULTDCD007 Hardcore Underground EP Vol 4 Add to Basket — £0.00