HH2 + BLU (Pre-Order)

NOTE: The physical CD for HH2 shipping WILL be delayed for international customers, to arrive with the UHD Blu ray following eventual release. However, the digital assets for HH2 will be made available on launch day.

Hardcore Heaven 2 + Blu The Roof discounted pre-order bundle

The two most important, and exciting, projects in the modern history of the scene are available for pre-order together.

Hardcore Heaven Volume 2

Mixed by Fracus & Darwin + Scott Brown

2xMix CDs/Mixes (+40 full length tracks)



HU Present: Blu the Roof (For those who are worried they don't have the "proper" display or devices, fret ye not: rather than a DVD (bleugh!) we're including a 1080p digital copy easily viewable on your phone/tablet/laptop/console/smart TV)

Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Fracus & Darwin "Blu The Roof" Remix)
Entity feat. Amy - Stargazer (Remix)
Bass Selective vs. Fracus & Darwin - Blow Out Part 4
Chexmixer vs. Fracus & Darwin - Like No One Before
Fracus & Darwin feat. Drew Flanagan - Only One Of Me (UK Hardcore Mix)
RedMoon feat. Meron Ryan - Never Let Go (VIP Mix)
Skinny & 3Star - Retro Feelings
Fracus & Darwin - Heart On Fire
Fracus & Darwin vs. Michael Mansion - Loved Again
Fracus & Darwin feat. Jenna - Believe In Something
Fracus & Darwin - Start Again
Fracus & Darwin feat. Poison Rain - No Dark Clouds
RedMoon feat. Meron Ryan - Heavyweight (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks
Fracus & Darwin - Free From Form
The Time Frequency - Take Me Away (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
Fracus & Darwin - Roar
Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There ("Blu The Roof" Remix)
Fracus & Darwin feat. Pearl Blue - Join Us Now

Bonus features:

Gammer & Whizzkid
M-Project with Obie & Thunda (12 mins)
Interviews & Gallery

Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + 1080p Digital Copy