HUDIGI + HU Breaks + RFU (Remastered) (Digital)

HU+HUBREAKS+RFUReleased: 25/02/2017

Sometimes to move forward, it helps to look back. As part of our #HUTenYears celebration, we're re-mastering not only the vinyl and digital releases of Hardcore Underground (prior to the launch of our store) but also the sister label HU Breaks and the forerunner label RFU Recordingz. RFU Recordingz hasn't been available digitally since the mid 00's; it's taken a fair bit of trawling to source as many of the unmastered tracks as possible and begin the lengthy process of bringing them in line with modern mastering techniques.

With 10 years behind us, it would be foolish to write us off now; with that in mind we're looking ahead to the next 10 years and are very aware that our infrastructure and capabilities may well scale steeply up from this point. So we're not just offering a re-mastered bundle and drawing a line under it. As our HU HQ studio begins to take shape, and we have every expectation it will be truly industry leading, we may well want to revisit this material again over the coming years. So anyone who buys this bundle now, will be entitled to any and all stereo restoration and remastering efforts of the tracks included for the next 10 (!) years as a digital product.

Additionally, we've had a fair few requests over the years for unmastered variants so people can compare, work on their own masters, or know that in 40 years' time when we've inevitably burned out (and spend our days barking at vegetables) you could take these tracks to the cutting-edge mastering engineers of tomorrow and have them lovingly touched up. So, where we have them, we'll provide access to these as well.

This is our first digital-only product, and it's a big one, so we're rolling it out slowly in batches (initially RFU + HU001-HU005) and to a limited number of people. Depending on uptake, and feedback, we may keep this available as a "completionist" bundle at a higher price in the future or simply split off the various catalogues and segment batches of releases. There are no plans for single-track availability, at this point. This may change in the future *but* it'll be the distant future.

Finally, we're including a re-master of the now out-of-print Fracus & Darwin artist album "Point Of No Return"; this may be reissued on CD in the future but we want it readily available now, so it makes sense to round out the collection with it.

Pre-order now to secure your place, and we'll get them up in batches and also engage in any feedback you have. We believe in preserving music, and by supporting this you're also enabling us to keep driving forward for another 10 years. We've got a few ideas for 2017... ;)