Project Powerstomp 1+2 Bundle

Cat: TFCD007

Format: 1xCD

The brand new, high energy album from Tokyo's M-Project. A must for all fans of Powerstomp and the bouncier, harder side of Hardcore. These are limited import copies, and we are the only retailer in the UK to stock them. Grab quickly.

01. Morning Light (Powerstomp Mix)
02. Lay Down The Beatz (Feat. DJ Conrad)
03. X-Riot
04. Mental Asylum (Feat. MC Vibrance)
05. DJ Rock
06. What's Up (Feat. Riko)
07. Rainbow Lights (Powerstomp Mix)
08. Melodic Storm (Powerstomp Mix)
09. Hardest Bass Around (Feat. MC Steal)
10. Melodies Of Passion II (Powerstomp Remix)

Cat: TFCD008

Format: 1xCD

01. Raver's Delight (Feat. Yuki)
02. Drop The Beat (Feat. Liqo)
03. Hardcore Motherfucker (Feat. Steve Heller)
04. Savage (Feat. Jonjo)
05. Music Is Moving (Feat. Riko)
06. Time To Shine (Feat. DJ DEPATH/MC Scotty G)
07. Out Of My Life (Feat. Eufeion)
08. Devastated (Feat. Ganah)
09. Overpowering Enemies (Joey Riot vs Jaw-D Remix)
10. Shiny Disco Ball
11. Make Some Fukkin Noise (Feat. Riko)