Sharkey - Tech Noir: Anthology (Completionist Edition)

*PRE ORDER* Released December 13th

- 4xCD (signed, if requested)
- Digital rights to entire Sharkey back catalogue
- Art prints (signed if requested)
- Influence over track listing of the CD release!

The *very* long-awaited Sharkey album is finally here! Four CDs, featuring exciting upfront re-interpretations of enduring classics, previously unreleased material, and a leading edge stem mix by the Bonkers maestro, this is one of the most important genre albums ever released.

This completionist edition is limited to 200 units, includes *every* Sharkey track and remix (by or of!) featured as a full approved release for digital download, where available. Should anything be missing, and later sourced, retrospective assignment is assured. Art prints from the album tapestries, undertaken by the original Bonkers artist, are included. The album *or* prints will be signed, as requested by the purchaser. CDJay will liaise with each buyer directly to solicit a "dream" listing for CDs 2 and 3, and incorporate emerging trends and forceful feedback into the final listings that will signed off in mid November. This is your chance to shape an enduring legacy, of a genuine icon, of genre!

CD1: Unmixed remixes

Featuring: Product Of Society (Fracus & Darwin Remix), Sound Assassin (Cube::Hard & Darwin Remix), Genesis (M-Project Remix), Distant Dreams (Jakka-B Remix), Today's The Day (Fracus & Darwin Remix), Black Rain (Chris Ross & Deeper Territory Remix) and many more! Final tracklistings will be made available as CD2/3 are signed off, after consultation, on 15th November.


TBD (by you?)


TBD (by you?)

CD4: Stem Mix by DJ Sharkey

This release also has digital components to follow. This has taken inordinate amounts of work, including data recovery actioned in 2013 (!), and is nothing less than an archive of massive importance.