HU USB 16GB (2018)

16GB USBs - Limited To 100 Units
Includes Some Bonus Fracus & Darwin Tracks & Parts

It's been a few years since we last did USBs; these designs were popular when we did them in black, so we thought we'd get a slightly updated version for 2018. Obviously these are much bigger at 16GB than the 4GB ones we did in 2014.

They're aimed at DJs really, although obviously anyone who collects / uses digital data is welcome to purchase them. All of these new units come pre-loaded with two brand new, and previously unreleased Fracus & Darwin tracks. Not only the tracks themselves, but also all the stems / component parts for said tracks too. Something for you remixers / producers out there who might fancy messing around and making your own VIP versions or... whatever you want!

Includes the full mastered .wavs and stems / remix parts for:

Fracus & Darwin - Running For My Life
Fracus & Darwin Feat. Jessica Palmer - Don't Let Go Of Love (2018 Remix)

Shipping Worldwide (tracked) on, or before, Monday May 28th.