Thin'n'Crispy: Limited Collectors Edition

Release Date: August 31st 2018

Contains Thin'n'Crispy: The Chronicles (3xCD), a limited edition Thin 'n Crispy t-shirt (in choice of sizes and white or navy in colour) and TNC Picture Disc Vinyl Clock. Yes, really. Limited to 70 *only*. T-shirt sizing selection will be done via a survey sent out to qualifying buyers in the fortnight before release.

*Plus* Digital access to:

Full TNC / TNCLTD Released Catalogue

Pre TNC Exclusives (12 Tracks)

2 Damn Tuff 'Live In Gosport'
2 Damn Tuff 'Me So Horny'
D-Lyte & Dave Panic ‘Hey DJ’
Robbie Long & Devastate 'Be Free'
Robbie Long & Devastate 'I Wanna Rock (Helter Skelter Mix)
Robbie Long & Devastate '24 Track (Trixxy Mix)'
Robbie Long & Devastate 'Still Got Power''
Robbie Long & Devastate 'Execution Style'
Robbie Long & Coyote '2001 Style'
Robbie Long & Coyote 'Smoke'
Robbie Long 'Bad Boy Come Again'
Robbie Long 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine'

SuperBreaks Exclusives (14 Tracks)

DJ Stormtrooper ‘Avalanche’
DJ Stormtrooper ‘Diva Beaver’
DJ Stormtrooper ‘Tonights The Night’
Robbie Long & AMS 'Can't Handle Dis'
Robbie Long & AMS 'Wobble'
Robbie Long & AMS 'Lazy DJ's'
Robbie Long & AMS - Everybody Loves The Sunshine'
Robbie Long & Austin 'All Over The World'
Robbie Long & AMS feat. Stormtrooper 'Spyderz'
Robbie Long & AMS feat. Stormtrooper 'Rollin Rock'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Bring It On'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'We Get Ruff'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Tone Def'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper feat. MC ELL 'Killa Weight Sound'

TNC Unreleased (55 Tracks)

Alex 90 'The Message' Gaz Mastering
AMS 'Let's Start Shit'
AMS & Dair ‘Rock Steady’
CLSM ‘Rock Ya Body (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix)
Dair & Stormtrooper ‘Hit The Floor’
DJ Breaks feat. MC Frtction ‘Dirty Rotten Beats’
DJ Breaks feat. MC Friction ‘Electro Shockin’
DJ Breaks feat. MC Friction ‘Feedback’
DJ Helical feat. DJ Stormtrooper 'Lime Code'
DJ Kurt ‘Infexious’
DJ Pinnacle ‘Non-Stop Hardcore
DJ Stormtrooper 'Everybody'
DJ Stormtrooper ‘Right Now’
DJ Stormtrooper 'Dot Exe'
DJ Stormtrooper 'Make Some Noise'
DJ Stormtrooper 'Gamejoy'
DJ Stormtrooper 'Wildstyle'
DJ Stormtrooper 'Munich'
DJ Stormtrooper 'Bass Keeps Pumpin (Tuff Mix)'
DJ D-Lyte 'Da New Joint (DJ Stormtrooper Remix')
DJ D-Lyte 'Nesbit'
DJ D-Lyte 'Wanna See Ya Bounce'
D-Lyte & Alex Prospect 'P.A.R.T.Y'
D-Lyte & Joshka 'Barbarian Bounce'
D-Lyte & Stormtrooper 'Rotton Cotton'
D-Lyte & Stormtrooper 'Vice Squad'
D-Lyte & Stormtrooper 'Club Foot'
Druid & Scar feat. DJ Stormtrooper 'Bum Chat'
Fracus & D-Lyte 'Reaching For The Light'
Ham & Robbie Long 'Don't Disturb Me'
Hattrixx Mertype ‘The Robot’
Injured Rez feat. The MD 'We Do Hardcore (AMS Remix)'
Injured Rezz feat. The MD 'Nitrous'
Last Of The Mohicans ‘Do Your Thang’
Lootie Bruv 'Some Kind Of Thrush'
Mr Igloo ‘Club Closer’
Mr Igloo ‘Cut The Record’
Robbie Long & AMS 'Messiah'
Robbie Long & AMS 'Hum Dinger'
Robbie Long & AMS 'Kill Bill (AMS Remix)'
Robbie Long & Devastate 'We're Back (Devastate Mix)'
RLD 'PSA (Robbie Long & Arkitech Remix)
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Beat Drops'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Clap 2 This'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Future Dimensions'
Robbie Long & Stormtrooper 'Clubshaker'
Stabilized feat. MC Ethos ‘Drop The Needle’ (Alternative Mix)
Stabilized feat. MC Ethos ‘Drop The Needle’ (Original)
Stabilized 'Learn 2 Dance (Original Mix)'
Stabilized 'Learn 2 Dance (Gammer Remix)'
Stabilized feat. MC Casper 'Reach For The Sky (DJ Kurt Remix)'
Stabilized feat. MC Casper ‘Knocking One Out’
Stabilised feat. MC Casper ‘Reminisce’
Stormtrooper & Devastate ‘Battle Of The Mind’
The Toxic Avengers 'Shitty Spear'